Now Is The Perfect Time To Recession-Proof Your  Job!

Here’s the thing, right now more people are being laid off from their jobs than

perhaps any other time in history.

This means more people need help finding replacement jobs, those who have current jobs need to find creative ways to secure it, and employers need remote workers to keep their business in operation.

There are two sides to this coin, which means…

  1.   Employers who worked in buildings have been affected by COVID-19, and are trying to find ways to keep their businesses afloat with less than half the employees.
  1.   They’re now used to having lower overhead, less expenses, and now want it to remain that way.

The question for YOU is this…

Do you want to rise to the occasion, remain having a competitive advantage, and recession-proof your income status?

“Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?”

  • You’re one of the over 30 million Americans who filed for unemployment recently.
  • You’re challenged by describing your credentials on your resume or negotiating a salary that exceeds your living expenses.
  • ​You’re a Low-wage worker and your job is a part of the 110,000 restaurants that are expected to close forever while leaving their employees faced with looking for work.
  • ​You’re working for a major chain store that is projected to fall into the retail apocalypse due to major debt and overhead expenses?
  • You’re one of the millions who have filed, and your unemployment is about to end?
  • You thought about changing your career field, and never found the time or had the money to get the training?
  • You struggled with technology and became frustrated so you haven’t considered working remotely.
  • You’re laid off, you have to begin looking for work, but you don’t know where to begin.
  • .
“Are You Ready For Different Results?”
“These Are The Hard Truths You Need To Hear”
  • Hard Truth # 1- If you don’t get a system in place now, you won’t be
    able to attract the clients who can pay you what you’re worth.
  • Hard Truth # 2- Without the right people around you, regular
    accountability checkups, and a support network invested in your
    success, you’ll find yourself routinely distracted, running in circles,
    and hemorrhaging money.
  • Hard Truth # 3- Until you learn how individuals process information,
    why they behave the way they do and, what goes into their decision-
    making process, you’ll never move from your current level.
    All of
    your future success regarding attracting, maintaining, and keeping
    your client base is based on understanding these basic personality-
    driven postures.
  • Hard Truth # 4- Your investment in “higher end” programs to create
    quicker results was a waste of money.
    More does not always equal
    better. With Extreme Execution, you get all the promised value
    upfront and for considerably less than its current appraised market
The Extreme Execution Coaching Certification
The Extreme Execution Certification is an exclusive proprietary training module created by Dr. Eric Thomas and his team of coaches. The Certification creates a unique experience, which uses the Extreme Execution Flight Assessment to help individuals identify both their Talents and Non-Talents. As a result, entrepreneurs, professionals and, small and large teams are consistently able to increase productivity, improve their leadership style, and provide more effective communication both within and outside of their organizations. Additionally, service-based businesses can create personalized transformation plans for their clients from the results of the assessment.
During this one day training period, you’ll have the opportunity to take the assessment and be able to identify your strengths, talents, and weaknesses. You’ll also learn how to distribute the Flight Assessment to your clients, read their results, and create a plan for their goals based on those results.
With access to this tool, your business will gain the upper hand in the industry as you’ll have a better understanding of how personality traits drive perceptions and behaviors. At the close of the training, you will be officially Extreme Execution Certified.
There Are Three Experiences You Will Have During Your Certification Process
We’re going to shift the posture in your industry by introducing you to your Super Power and showing you how to use it to build a successful business.
Upon completing this phase of the Certification, you will know:
  • The four behavior types and how to communicate to each.
  • Your talents and non-talents.
  • How to implement the Extreme Execution Flight Assessment in your business.
  • ​How to take control of your own behaviors and overcome your personal gaps.
We will make sure you’re well versed in how to identify your audience and how to form your services to meet their needs.
Upon completing this section of the Certification, you will:
  • Know how to identify your target audience and speak to their needs.
  • ​Know how to issue an assessment to a client.
  • ​Know how to read their assessment results and build a personalized program for them.
  • Know how to price yourself appropriately.
  • ​Know exactly what to look for in people that should be on your team.
  • ​Know how to market your expertise to your audience.
We’re going to teach you how to create structure and a system in your business.
Upon completion of this phase you will know:
  • How to establish your system to bring results to your clients.
  • ​How to attract new clients.
  • ​The proper messaging that high end clients need to hear.
  • How to be the authority in your niche.
  • How to separate yourself from others in your industry.
There Are Two Paths You Can Take

Path #1

You can continue on the same path you’ve been unsuccessful with. The path of constantly second-guessing your decisions, spending money without a real plan for a return on your investment, chasing multiple ideas and, never creating your breakthrough, putting everybody before you and, never making your goals center-stage. This path ends in pain, exhaustion, being hopelessly overwhelmed, and finally, quitting. Thankfully, there is a 2nd option.

Path #2

You take control of your life and your business. Just imagine:

  • Having a new idea and knowing exactly where to start.
  • ​Waking up doing what you love every day and being valued for it.
  • Feeling confident in the decisions you’re making for your life because you know your desired outcomes and how to achieve them.
  • ​Having a complete understanding of your superpower and how to build a business based on your authentic self.
  • ​​Knowing how to attract clients that will pay your prices.
  • ​​​Feeling prepared, all the dots are connected and there is a clear path to your goals and to sales.
  • ​​​​Being in charge of your habits and conquering self-doubt, fear, and procrastination.
  • ​Taking control of your barriers and feeling like a beast when you defeat them.​​

This path leads to peace and clarity. This path allows you to be your authentic self and build your business the way you see it in your head. It’s time to get Certified.

I’m Ready To Be A Certified Extreme Execution Coach
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Ok – Let’s Meet Your Coaches

Mostafa Ghonim

Extreme Execution Facilitator

Mostafa Ghonim is a business consultant, speaker, and certified DISC facilitator. He is the C.E.O. of Ghonim & Co., a boutique consulting firm that partners with C.E.O.s, executives, and organizations to improve their culture and performance, human-to-human. After spending nearly a decade working in the hospitality industry, Mostafa knows what facilitates mutual understanding, connection, and culture shifts that have a lasting impact on both individuals and organizations. He believes your ability to empathize with others is the foundation of healthy, high-performing environments.
In addition to his extensive leadership and customer service experience, Mostafa is a certified Flight Assesment trainer and keynote speaker. Mostafa has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including CNN, Fox & NPR. Mostafa has written or co-created multiple books in the “You Ain’t The Boss of Me” series.
Mostafa holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Alma College. He resides in New York City with his mother and aunt. In his spare time, he enjoys playing baseball and acting as a B-list food critic.

Nicky Saunders

Branding Strategist

Nicky Saunders, a creative engineer and brand architect, has quickly become a thought leader in the online space. After getting the #1 motivational speaker in the world, Eric Thomas, to over 1 million followers on I.G., she launched her own company, Beastmode Digital, and is helping create and curate some of the best personal brands around the world.

Nicky has taken her coaching and expertise to a new level with her understanding of the Flight Assessment. She’s used it to help her clients identify whether or not their brands are introverted or extroverted. Based on the results, she gives offers a proven strategy to help them become #1 in their lane. Nicky uses the assessment to help personal brands stand out in what many consider to be an overcrowded marketplace.